Campus food: where to go and what you’ll find


Ashanti Thomas

Leila Lawson, a senior biology major, enjoys lunch while she eats Chick-fil-A with her friend, Sihile Mwalongo, a senior economics major. They both say the union is their favorite place to eat on campus.

Ethan Schobernd, Campus Reporter

This school year dining halls are returning to their normal serving style. With new and returning students, it can be hard to decide where to go and which place on a specific night.
Each hall has its own unique options for food that set them apart.

Taylor Dining

Taylor is known for offering many different styles of chicken throughout the week.
The hot food bar on the Lawson side specifically caters to those with food allergies with a variety of entrees and sides.
Taylor is the place to go for homestyle dining, potato and bread options, and the grilled cheese they serve every Wednesday for lunch.

Thomas Dining

Here you can find an array of pasta options, made-to-order pizza, and other diverse food options. Next door, the Convenience Store provides a variety of snacks, plenty of drink options, and miscellaneous items such as batteries.
When the other dining halls are closed, you can always check out their late-night pizza that is open Sun.-Fri. from 8:00 pm-1:00 am.

Stevenson Hall

At Stevenson Hall, there are two places to go and get brunch or dinner: the Stevenson Tower Deli and the Stevenson Grill.
The Deli has grilled items, sandwich options and a large selection of sides, such as soups, salads, fruits, yogurt and more.
The Stevenson Grill has a similar setup to the Deli with self-serving drink fountains and multiple sides, but what they serve as entrées makes them different. At the Grill, they have multiple brunch options to choose from including breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, and omelets.
On Thursday and Friday evenings, the Stevenson Grill offers Reservation Dining, which features restaurant style dining and more “fancy” food options such as steak or salmon with sides and dessert.
The Reservation Dining requires everyone to sign up for a specific date and time during the week before they want to eat there.

University Food Court

The Union is different from the other dining halls beyond their food options; rather than meal swipes, they take dining dollars or debit/credit cards. The food court offers many snacks, salads, bottled and fountain drinks, and ice cream.
The food court contains Chick-fil-A, Panther Grille, Charleston Market, Subway, and Villa Prima Pizza, as well as grab-and-go options.
The Panther Grille features lunch specials that change throughout the week.
The Charleston Market offers various entrées, such as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, Crab Rangoon, mac-n-cheese bites and Villa Prima Pizza.

Java Beanery and Bakery

Java isn’t exactly a dining hall, but students can still use dining dollars to purchase specialty coffee drinks, various baked goods, fruit smoothies, and other drink options.

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