FYI: Eastern’s summer camps schedule and COVID-19 protocols

Luke Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

Summer camps will take place on Eastern’s campus this year after they had to take 2020 off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, campers will be required to follow campus safety guidelines and sign a liability waiver.

Organizers for each camp will be required to submit a written plan for additional steps they will take to prevent spreading COVID-19.

These steps could include requiring negative COVID tests from campers before they attend, daily temperature checks, or any other safety measures organizers think are helpful.

Campus dining halls will also offer both dine-in and take-out options for campers so they can make what they feel is the safest choice about where to eat.

According to Matt Boyer, assistant director of residential life and conference services, there will also be fewer camps this year compared to the approximately 60 camps across a typical summer.

“Whenever we were starting the planning process, everything was still up in the air with where we were going to be at as a state when it came to COVID regulation,” Boyer said. “We do a lot with different school districts and a lot of the schools have stated that they will not be able to do any travel or overnight programs until next school year. That restricted some of the programs we were able to have.”

The summer camp schedule, including sports camps is as follows:

June 6-11: Gloria J. Taylor Upward Bound

June 12: Men’s Soccer 1.D. Camp

June 9-12: IHSA Girls State Track

June 13-July 2: HS Dual Enrollment Program through Continuing Education

June 14: Junior All Skills Camp

June 14, 21, 28: Hitting Academy

June 14, 21, 28: Pitching Academy

June 15: Elite Camp

June 16-17: Men’s Basketball Team Camp

June 16-19: IHSA Boys State Track

June 19: Men’s Soccer 1.D. Camp

June 18-26: Johnson Flight Encampment

June 20: Women’s Basketball Elite Camp

June 20-22: Co-Ed Throws, Hurdles, Sprints Camp

June 21-25: Co-Ed Distance Camp and 5K Race

June 21-23: Women’s Basketball Kids’ Camp

June 28-29: Baseball Youth Camp

June 28-July 15: KCC Upward Bound

June 29: Hitting Camp

June 29: Pitching and Catching Camp

July 5-7: Youth Camp

July 6-23: Smith Walbridge Clinics

July 10: Men’s Soccer 1.D.

July 11-16: High School Journalism Camp

July 17: Men’s Soccer 1.D. Camp

July 20: High School Showcase

July 25: Women’s Soccer 1.D. Camp

July 23-26: National Dance Association

July 27: High School Showcase

July 31: Men’s Basketball Elite Camp

August 1: Women’s Soccer 1.D. Camp

August 1-6: Monticello HS Marching Band

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