New Student Government execs share hopes

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

Eastern’s next Student Government executives shared the experiences that led them to be elected and what they hope to do in the future.

Jacqueline Williams will be the new Student Body President and is currently a junior majoring in kinesiology teacher’s certification.

She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta and is involved in a physical education club.

Williams said the reason that drove her to apply for presidency is her desire to make the school year and institution feel like home.

“I am looking forward to student government being present to the entire student body,” Williams said. “I intend on bringing and creating opportunities for us to be visual and present for all students, which include the diversity of our student population, undergraduates, international, non-traditional and graduates. We have also witnessed so much inequities as a nation so also looking at inclusion with respect to race, gender and equity issues.”

Williams is looking forward to learning more about the students on Eastern’s campus and is excited to be their voice.

One interesting fact she’d like to share about herself is that everyone in her family’s name starts with a J, including her dog.

Payton Ade, who will be Student Body Vice-President, is a freshman majoring in political science with a minor in mathematics.

Ade has been a part of Thomas Hall Council as Vice-President, a member of Student Senate in the Academic Affairs committee of Student Senate, and a member of the Bond Revenue Committee.

He has been working with the current executive board this semester through Student Action Team with Michael Perri that he will soon oversee as SBVP, as well as with Skylar Coffey and Anne Flaherty on the Student Advisory Board.

Working with the executive board was what drove him to apply for an executive position, as well as being advised that the position is good for a political science major.

He aims to help with student engagement and student activities on campus. Ade mentioned Pantherbash as a huge success in bringing students together and said he wishes to continue it in the future and bring more organizations together to do these activities.

Ade will also work on the recruitment of students to the Student Action Team and is looking forward to working with the Board of Trustees to work on political awareness in the student body, potentially through the collaboration of different political groups on campus.

“That is my job. I am their representative; the belief of the students is most important,” Ade said. “I want to make sure voices of students are heard and represented.”

Prabin Karki will be Student Body Vice-President of Academic Affairs and is a sophomore majoring in mathematics.

Karki has been a member of the E-sports Club, Association of International Students, Student Senate, photography club, and various math clubs.

He said that he will bring to the position a hardworking, passionate, and sincere VP that can bring new ideas to implement in his position.

Karki is looking forward to “working hand in hand with Jay Gatrell, Vice President for Academic Affairs, which I think will be an amazing learning experience.”

What drew him to the position of VPAA was “the opportunity to keep working with such talented and diverse individuals at Student Government.”

One interesting fact about Karki is that he was about to go to a film school before watching Interstellar which made him pursue mathematics so he can save the people of Earth.

Terrence Trimuel will be Student Body Vice-President of Student Affairs and is a junior majoring in accounting.

He has experience with the Black Student Union as the Treasurer and as a high school student he also lead his senior class as the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Through his leadership positions he said he always tries to push himself to handle responsibilities whenever he can and he sees this position to help his student body and be of service to the people around him.

Trimuel plans to bring to his VPSA position a “listening ear to the student organization.”

“Since it is essentially to my duty to be of service advocate for students, my role as the Vice President Student Affairs would be to bring quality service to have awareness of all of the recognized student organizations on campus,” Trimuel said. “I plan on creating innovative ways to assist our freshmen in getting involved and being acclimated to the institution.” 

An interesting fact about Trimuel is that he is an aspiring author planning to publish a book before he graduates.

The swearing in process will be livestreamed on the Student Government social medias.


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