Tuition, fee increases proposed at Student Sen. meeting

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

Vice President of Business Affairs Sean Reeder along  withTreasurer Paul McCann, proposed a near 3 percent increase in tuition and student fees in Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting.

“We take any cost increase very seriously. It isn’t a subject we have taken lightly,” Reeder said. “We want to maintain the value in the education that we’re providing. We have areas of cost increase that is simply beyond our control.”

Specifically, a Union and Bond Revenue fee is proposed to increase $3.96, from the current cost of $29.82 to $33.78. The increase will be used to help offset increases in utilities, equipment maintenance, minimum wages, and other contractual obligations.

Athletic fees will increase $0.78, from the current cost of $13 to $13.78. It is stated to be used to offset increases in costs within athletic operations.

A Lantz and O’Brien Operations fee is proposed to increase $1.38, from the current cost of $5.50 to $6.88. The fee increase will be used to offset increase in costs within the building’s operations.

The Student Recreation Operations Fee is proposed to increase a dollar from $5.79 to $6.79. The fee increase will fund the center instead of fully by Student Activity fees and allow the Apportionment board to lessen funds for the center.

The Grant-In-Aid fee was proposed to increase $1.02, from the previous $17.05 to $18.07. This will be used to assist students in scholarships.

Reeder said that the increases, “provide support towards these auxiliary operations that are a part of student life. There is an ongoing cost to maintain them.”

These changes will be for the incoming first-year class. Anyone who is a current student has fixed tuition and will not be affected by potential increases.

Next Friday, Apr. 23 is when the Board of Trustees will vote on all student fee increases and they encourage student viewing and audience participation.

Due to not enough senators being present, two missing, the Senate Resolution 20-21-03, EIUnited Against Asian and Pacific Islander Hate Resolution was able to be voted upon.

The resolution reads:

“Whereas, The Eastern Illinois University remains committed to a welcoming and inclusive campus community that recognizes and elaborates its diversity. 

Whereas, The Eastern Illinois University community stands in solidarity against Asian Hate in response to the ongoing violence and hate targeted against members of the AAPI community. 

Whereas, Eastern Illinois University condemns any acts of expressions of hate and violence that threatens the personal safety and welfare of members of the AAPI community and all EIU faculty, staff and students. 

Whereas, Eastern Illinois University has a duty to confront and speak out against all forms of racial, violence and discrimination. 

Whereas, Eastern Illinois University recognizes and celebrates the rich history, culture contributions of those members of the Asian American & Pacific Islander communities. 

Be it resolved, Eastern Illinois University & the EIU Student Government condemns any and all forms of discrimination, hate and violence against members of the AAPI communities and members of the EIU community.”

The ballot for the Student Senate elections has been announced and voting will take place Apr. 19 and 20. The link to voting will be sent through to school emails.

Those running will be for the following positions:

Student Body President: Jaclyn Thomas and Jacqueline Williams

Executive Vice-President: Payton Ade

Vice-President of Student Affairs: Subodh Khanal, Terrence Trimuel, and Ahmed Shahin

Vice-President of Academic Affairs: Prabin Karki

Student Senator: Natalie Mitlyng and Jasmine Yusef

The last Student Senate meeting of the semester will be held Apr. 21 in person at the Grand ballroom of the MLK Union at 7 p.m.


Theo Edwards can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].