Charleston Library to be fine free

Staff Report

The Charleston Carnegie Public Library announced they are fine free as of Monday.

Fine free means library patrons will not accrue fines for materials returned past their due date.

According to a press release from the library, “Across public libraries, late fines were originally implemented as an incentive for patrons to return their library materials in a timely fashion, however, they have become a barrier to service for low-income individuals, families, and households and add to the social inequity found within communities.”

The press release also states the fines are not effective.

“Fines neither teach responsibility nor motivate patrons to return items on time,” according to the press release. “Instead, fines make patrons less likely to return to the library, and they keep community members from using their library out of fear of a fine they cannot afford.”

The library also said they want every member of the community to be able to utilize the library.

“We believe that every single member of our community deserves equal access to what we provide and removing fines takes us one step closer to ensuring equal access,” according to the press release.


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