Student Senate to talk resolution supporting pantry

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

Senate resolution 20-21-01 of support for the Big Blue Food Pantry at EIU is to be presented and voted upon by the student senate in Wednesday’s meeting.

Stated in the resolution is, “The need to provide easily accessible resources of food to fight against food insecurities on Eastern Illinois University’s campus is of utmost importance.”

Furthermore, the resolution, “Providing nutritious food to the students of Eastern Illinois University is beneficial to student’s academic performance, mental health, nutritional health, and would help relieve stress on students. Therefore, be it resolved, the Eastern Illinois University Student Government Association extends its fullest support towards the creation and implementation of the Big Blue Food Pantry on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.”

It is authored and submitted by Justin Richards, the EIU Interim-Speaker of the Senate and EIU Student Vice-President of Student Affairs, as well as Skylar Coffey who is EIU Student Vice-President of Academic Affairs, and Payton Ade as an EIU Student Senator.

It will then be signed by Justin Richards as Speaker of the Senate, Noor-ul Haash Khamisani as Student Body President, however no secretary of the senate will sign due to there not being a current one for the Student Government this semester.

Mark Hudson, Executive Director of University Housing & Dining Services, will return to answer further questions that Student Senate may have on the proposed Housing and Dining fee increases, followed by a final discussion from the Student Senate on their support of this.

Discussion and approval of the proposed increase is not fully dependent on Student Senate’s approval and just has to be presented to them in order for the proposal to move forward to Eastern’s Presidential Cabinet, and lastly to the Board of Trustees.

Executive and committee reports will continue as usual for this Wednesday’s meeting.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held Mar. 17.


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