CAA OKs 8 items Tuesday

Adam Tumino, Editor-in-Chief

The Eastern Council on Academic Affairs met Thursday afternoon for them to vote on several action items.

The council had eight action items on the agenda including two new courses, two revised courses, a revised program, a revised major and two revised minors.

All proposals were approved by the council.

The first item the council voted on was a new course in the hospitality and tourism department.

The course, HTM 3700 Wedding Events Management, was proposed after student feedback in senior surveys indicated high levels of interest in a wedding planning course. It will be designed for students who want to pursue wedding planning as a career option.

The next two items on the agenda were revised courses in the computer and information technology department.

The first was CIT 2183 Software Development for Technology I and the second was CIT 2283 Software Development for Technology II.

Both courses are being revised to more accurately reflect “the nature of the CIT program,” according to the proposal’s rationale. Both courses are designed to give students experience designing, maintaining and implementing programs.

Next on the agenda was a revision to the CIT department that allowed for the two revised courses to be offered as alternatives for already existing courses.

The next item was originally slated as the first item on the agenda but was moved lower to allow for four proposals regarding the geography department to be heard in order.

The first was a new course in the department, GEO 4810 Cartography and Visualization.

The course catalog description read:

“Students will learn to interpret, construct and critique reference and thematic maps, including choropleth, symbol and contour maps.”

Additionally, GEO 4810 will serve as a more intensive replacement to GEO 3800.

The next item was a revision to the Geography major that implemented GEO 4810, removed GEO 3800 and made some other minor alterations to the program.

The final two items were revisions to minors in the geography department.

The first was a change to the Geography minor that will add GEO 4810 and remove GEO 3800, similar to the change in the major.

The last item was a revision to the Geographic Information Sciences minor that added GEO 4810, removed GEO 3800 and make other changes to properly implement courses that were approved by the council last semester and last year.

The next CAA meeting will be held March 4 at 2 p.m.


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