Trivia contest ‘In Kahoots with the Prez’ held Monday

Theo Edwards, Campus Reporter

During “In Kahoots with the Prez”, Monday one question led to University President David Glassman stating that he wants to be exclusively referred to as David “G-money” Glassman.

The final question led to the moment, asking what Glassman’s first name is. Freshman biochemistry major Elise Keane said Glassman’s declaration was the highlight of the game for her.

“In Kahoots with the Prez” was a Kahoot game held Monday over Zoom with four rounds of trivia questions.

During these four rounds, students played with President Glassman competing to answer trivia facts about Eastern.

Each winner received a $25 Amazon Gift Card, the winners being:

Round 1: Seth Yeakel

Round 2: Paige Thing

Round 3: Tareq Shaheen

Round 4: Zach Wilson

Winner of the second round Paige Thing, a freshman political science major, shared that she had a great experience with the game. Thing narrowly won the second round.

“My favorite moment was in the second Kahoot when I took over first with only one question left and won,” Thing said.

Preceding the game Justin Richards, Student Vice President of Academic Affairs, and his graduate advisor Monica Maybell trained President Glassman in a private zoom meeting on the mechanics of the game, since he had never played before.

They did this through playing a couple of rounds of Kahoot before the official game.

One round included random questions and the second round included questions used the night of the game for a practice round.

The game lasted for an hour and a half, running from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Richards said he was impressed with the turn out for the event.

“In last year and this year, this is the most people I’ve seen at a ‘‘Prowlin’ with the Prez’ event and that makes me very happy,” Richards said.

He also mentioned he enjoyed being able to give out the prizes for the evening.

“We had a bunch of fun,” Richards said. “We had four different winners and I call that a good night.”

Richards said there is potential for another event like “In Kahoots with the Prez” happening in the future. He said Glassman has made some suggestions for potential events.

“There is a possibility of another ‘Prowlin’ with the Prez’ event happening,” Richards said. “Dr. Glassman has already expressed interest and has even suggested bingo, but he is a 100 percent supportive of doing another one this semester.”

Richards said this will all depend on scheduling of when this can be planned, along with how many prizes would be needed.

Keane said she was appreciative of Glassman speaking towards the end of the game on his understanding of how the pandemic has impacted Eastern students.

She said she also appreciated Glassman taking the time to sit down with students for the event. Glassman said he enjoyed being able to join students for the event Monday evening.

The Student Senate will not meet Wednesday due to the Wellness Day. Its next meeting will be held virtually on March 3.

The Senate is still seeking more student senators. Applications can be found at


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