Student Gov. holds unofficial meeting

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

The Student Government met virtually Wednesday evening for an unofficial meeting due to them not having enough senators to meet quorum.

Along with 14 to 15 open senator seats, committee chair seats are also open for applicants to apply in the Student Government.

As of now there have not been any committee chair applications sent in, but there is one senator interview lined up within the next week.

There is a need of 14 senators for quorum, with only 11 senators currently.

The two appointments for Student Dean Advisory Council and Speaker of the Student Senate elections are postponed, along with anything else that must be put on the consent agenda if quorum is continuously not met.

Shawn Hammers in his Graduate Advisor Report discussed the importance for more recruitment, along with Student Body President Khamisani encouraging senators to recruit others for senate positions.

Khamisani included in her executive report the line-up of activities planned for Sexual Assault Awareness Month with advertising coming out soon.

There are also plans for an RHA collaborating events of a window painting competition with t-shirt and amazon gift card prize.

Student Government Executive Vice President Michael Perri’s executive report discussed inviting the Charleston City Council to Student Government meeting once quorum is met and working on advertising for Student Action Teams and local elections.

Student Government Vice President of Academic Affairs Richards’s report mentioned “In Kahoots with the Prez,” a Kahoot game around riddles and EIU facts with an amazon gift card prize. University President David Glassman will be playing along with the students set for Feb. 22 via Zoom.

Links set to be released later to join.

Student Government Vice President of Student Affairs Skylar Coffey was able to return to the meeting after surgery, announcing plans for the Random Act of Kindness Day set for Feb. 17. She will be using social media to promote this, encouraging the student body to join in on doing good deeds.

No committee reports were given.

The next Student Senate meeting will be Feb. 17.


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