Deadline approaching for Student Gov. candidates

Theo Edwards, Student Government Reporter

Eastern’s Student Government elections are underway for available senator positions for a 1-year term as applications can still be submitted via Mach Form by Jan. 15.

This form can be found linked on EIU Student Government social media, as well as the website under election information.

Reasons listed for becoming a senator include:

· Opportunity to get involved on campus.

· Grow leadership and organizational skills.

· A chance to become a part of the decision-making process as well as the decision itself.

· Opportunity to represent your community and serve as a voice of the EIU Student Body.

· A chance to give back to your campus community.

· A great resume addition.

The time commitment for a senator holds 2 weekly office hours, meetings every Wednesday at 7pm on zoom, and 1 committee meeting every week.

A virtual meeting and orientation will be held for candidates on Jan. 18 and candidate video presentations will be due.

The candidate videos should be a one-minute video about the candidate’s platform and sent to the Student Body President via Panthermail.

Following orientation until the Jan. 24 will be a campaigning period to get votes. Those running can find a guide for petitioning and campaigning is also included on the Student Government website under election information.

The online voting period begins Jan. 25 and ends the following day.

The first virtual Student Government meeting of the semester is currently scheduled for Jan. 27 where results of the election will be announced.

If a person is elected, they will attend a mandatory orientation about the organization as a whole and will be given a choice to choose top 3 committees that they would want to be a part of.

After reading the applications, the speaker will assign people a committee where there is freedom to do things for the student body in that area.

Student Body President, Noor-ul Haash Khamisani, describes her experience with Student Government as, “a process of personal growth with tons of fun opportunities. Student Government has molded me from a silent, shy Senator to a leader and the 2020-2021 Student Body President.”

Those interested can contact the following people for questions: · Student Government Election Commissioner Chad Rosenblum at [email protected], Student Government · Election Commission Member Blake Minor at [email protected] · Student Body President Noor-ul-Haash Khamisani at [email protected]


Theo Edwards can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]