Students share plans for winter break

Theo Edwards, Campus Reporter

Winter Break officially starts after the semester ends Dec. 18 and many have had to alter or cancel plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sammena Hendricks, a junior neuroscience major said that for winter break she doesn’t have many plans.

“I just want to relax and enjoy being home with my family. Originally, I wanted to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo to see the Christmas lights, but that’s on standby because of COVID-19,” Hendricks said.

Serena Pittman, a freshman pre-veterinary medicine major, is using the break for healing.

“I plan to spend time with my significant other and try to better my mental health, as COVID-19 has drastically lowered my ability to see the bright side of situations.”

Many students can sympathize with the negativity that the pandemic has brought, making it difficult to be positive.

Among canceled plans for the two, Pittman had a medical procedure scheduled during break.

“I had a medical procedure scheduled during break, where it would greatly improve my quality of life and potentially save my life,” Pittman said. “Due to COVID-19, it was moved to next year, leaving me in pain and disappointed.”

This stresses the importance of following safety guidelines so that people can get back to their lives, getting help they may need.

Both Hendricks and Pittman miss going out without the many health and safety restrictions, Pittman raising the point that it, “brought people together and at the same time helped small businesses.”

When asked about recommendations for what other students struggling with what to do winter break with the restrictions Pittman suggested, “I would recommend meditating for at least 10 minutes per day. It feels pointless and dumb at first, but it really does begin to help after practice.”

This break can allow all students and faculty to hopefully take some time for healing and incorporate self-care.

With rising virus deaths, this upcoming break is pivotal in following guideline restrictions to prevent more spread of the virus.

Over Thanksgiving Break many Americans have disregarded the warnings not to travel causing a spike in cases and this Winter Break may be the same if people are not mindful.


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