Study tips as finals week approaches

Theo Edwards, Campus Reporter

As finals week approaches, it’s important to face it in a way that will maximize productivity so that students keep their sanity.

A major tip is simply to listen to your body’s needs. If those needs aren’t being met, your brain may have trouble with reaching full capacity, making it difficult to do your best on finals. Plenty of rest, food and water are key.

Incorporate breaks into your study routines, along with rewards for incentives. It may help to plan study times out down to the hour in order to stay on track, and once you’ve reached a certain point, give yourself a treat for completion.

Breaks can include social media checks or changing the scenery by stepping back from your laptop and books to go for a walk. However, know yourself and your procrastination. There’s a line between taking a break and just procrastinating.

One student, a freshman public relations major Maya Kurth, says during her breaks she eats with friends. She says this energizes her to continue on with her studies.

Kurth also mentioned that as a freshman finals were actually easier with the preparation of dual credit she had during high school. It also helps that some of the classes she is taking aren’t giving finals or have the option to opt out.

When studying it’s best to connect with the material in order to commit it to long term memory, so employ different methods to keep yourself engaged. If you have troubles studying by yourself and staying on track, consider organizing a study group over Zoom or any other calling service.

Another aspect of staying on track is avoiding multitasking. Doing multiple tasks at once may overwhelm you and interruptions take your focus away, diminishing the quality of your work.

If you need additional help, reach out. On campus resources for Eastern include the Academic Success Center, which helps with study tips, time management and test taking at They can also be reached by phone at 217-581-6696 for appointment.

Another helpful resource are the department tutors for help in specific classes.  Schedules can be found at

There is also the Writing Center which will review papers and writing assignments for any class. They can be reached at 217-581-5929 to make an appointment.

Finals week is a stressful time, but with management and diligence it can be done.


Theo Edwards can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]