Student Government to pick committee chairs Wednesday

Theo Edwards, Staff Reporter

The upcoming Student Government meeting on Wednesday will include announcements of committee chairs and placements.

The committees that Student Senate members will get to choose from are Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Business Affairs, Diversity Affairs, External Relations, Internal Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Enhancement.

After picking their top three in the form of a survey and completion of questions provided, placements will be announced at the meeting on a basis of past leadership experience and current commitments such as leadership positions and duties ranging from RSOs, meetings, and jobs.   

The meeting will also determine how members advocate for themselves to be a Student Senate Committee Chair. Depending on if they have been a Committee Chair previously, members may also answer the question of what they will change this year to increase effectiveness of their position in relation to last year.

Requirements for Committee Chair will be:

— A minimum 2.5 GPA

— Good disciplinary & academic standing with Eastern Illinois University

— Completion of a minimum of two office hours each week

— Have to attend all Student Senate weekly meetings every Wednesday

— Must serve on a Student Senate Committee

— Must complete a major event by the end of the semester

Executive Vice President of Student Senate, Michael Perri, will make placements for those who fail to fill out the form in time for the meeting.

A Graduate Report included in this meeting will be given by Shawn Hammers.

Student Senate orientation carried over from last meeting week’s meeting on Oct. 21 will include information on committees, diversity requirements, office hours, and event planning.

Executive reports will be from:

·Student Body President – Noor-ul-Haash Khamisani

·Interim Speaker Report – Michael Perri

·Executive Vice President – Michael Perri

·Vice President of Academic Affairs – Justin Richards

·Vice President of Student Affairs – Skylar Coffey

The next Student Government meeting will be held Nov. 4.


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