Column: I just want Trump’s presidency to end

Karina Delgado

I am tired. I am tired of seeing our president in the news almost every day. President Trump always has something to say and something to do. I am unsure why the people of the United States are letting this man stay in office. I want a revolution. I want this man long gone and never seen again. Everything that has happened over the past four years is not okay and yet the White House let it happen. From sexual assault allegations to telling my people they are rapists and criminals to mocking a reporter with disabilities to so much more. I am in disbelief.

After seeing Trump’s taxes, I cannot believe that I, a 21-year-old college student, have paid more taxes than my own president. I am so sick of this man doing whatever he wants. No one else can get away with so much stuff, it is ridiculous. If any other president did what President Trump has done, they would not be in the office. Trump has caused so much damage to this country by dividing our society.

I am nervous for November 2nd. I do not know who is going to win and what the outcome will be. I know I will be filled with anger and sadness if President Trump wins his second term. I do not know what will happen if he does not win. The president and his extreme supporters are not peaceful people. As President Trump stated he will not have a peaceful transition. We have seen what has happened in rallies with Trump’s extreme supporters. Who knows what will happen? I want this to come to an end. I want the hate and injustice to come to an end. I feel like I am in an experiment by being in a pandemic and social justice movement with a president who does not care about anything.

After everything that has happened, I cannot believe this man is still in the White House. Trump did not build the wall. Obamacare is still here. Our taxes did not get cut but went higher instead. The virus did not “go away without a vaccine.” While many citizens are scraping money together and putting themselves at risk from COVID, Trump continues to play golf. There’s been too many false promises. I am disappointed in the White House. I am disappointed with the system. I am disappointed with what this country has become.


Karina Delgado is a senior secondary English education major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]