PODCAST: Stream Fiends (‘You’ S2, E1+2)

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The first season of Netflix’s “You” impressed us, but its second season has been so disappointing (since episode 2) that we sometimes accidentally refer to it as a sequel. The main culprit is certainly the show’s writing.

We’re already noticing annoying plot devices, so-so to poor characterization and some things about the show so far just don’t make much sense. For instance, why would Joe, who now goes by Will in an effort to change his identity, move to Los Angeles–the one place everyone is recording, snapping pictures and posting about on social media? We get it, Joe (Will) doesn’t like the city, but for crying out loud. It isn’t the best place to lay low.

These grievances don’t completely destroy our admiration for this story continuation, however. Cinematography is still on-point, and there are a few new characters that exceeded our expectations.

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