All student workers will be paid for remainder of semester

Analicia Haynes, Senior Reporter

Eastern President David Glassman
Eastern President David Glassman

Eastern President David Glassman said student workers, including those who receive federal work studies, will continue to receive payments until the end of the semester.

Glassman said in an email sent out to the campus community Wednesday morning that all students on federal work-study funds will continue to be paid up to the amount allocated in federal funding and those students should continue to work on campus or remotely if possible.

All graduate assistants will be paid their stipend through the end of the semester as well, and all other student workers who were working prior to spring break and were scheduled to return to work after break will continue to be paid, beginning from March 23 until the end of the semester.

Glassman said students’ pay will be based on the average hours worked per week prior to spring break or based on their supervisors’ intended scheduling of the students’ hours for the rest of the semester.

All students will be paid at their regular hourly rate and direct deposits will be made according to the university’s established payroll schedule.

For students currently still working on campus or remotely, they should turn in their work hours as they normally do. These students may consult with their supervisor to work additional hours if it is within budget and does not exceed 42 hours per pay period.

For all other students, pay-period hours will be handled automatically through the Payroll Office.

Other updates

In addition to updating student workers, the email also reminded students that Summer 2020 courses will be online or hybrid. Eastern cannot allow students to move out their belongings from university housing at this time and students still need to return their textbooks at the end of the semester.

The email said when it becomes possible to do so, students will receive a message from Housing and Dining letting them know when they can get their belongings.

Textbooks can be returned by May 10 either by using the external book drop located on the east side of the Textbook Rental Service building or by mailing textbooks back to Textbook Rental Service.

Students will need their E-Numbers or Panther Cards to activate the external book drop.

The address for mailing textbooks back to Textbook Rental Service is Textbook Rental Service, Eastern Illinois University, 975 Edgar Drive, Charleston, IL 61920.

When mailing textbooks, the university recommends that students insure all packages. Students returning to Charleston in order to move out of their on-campus housing may return their textbooks at that time to Textbook Rental Service via the external book drop.

The story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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