Eastern’s health care services outlined for pandemic

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Health and Counseling Services has remained open for individuals on campus with some changes to the running of the offered services.

Students must make an appointment before coming into the building for Health Services and should come through the south entrance (the doors closest to Thomas Hall) when entering the building.

It is important students call ahead before coming in so they can be pre-screened to minimize contact with those who are potentially contagious.

Some individuals may be asked to not come to the building if their given issue would be better treated elsewhere or if their issue was solved over the phone.

If someone is suspected of having COVID-19, they will be asked to stay at home, and their care will be managed over the phone.

If they are at risk for having COVID-19 or other respiratory infections, they may be asked to come to the clinic to be seen and evaluated while others may be asked to go to an emergency department.

The process for coming to Health Services will be:

1. Calling in to set up an appointment. Individuals will be asked questions specific to respiratory infections and COVID-19 symptoms.

2. Once an appointment has been scheduled and the patient has entered the building, the patient will be met by a nurse at the door for a temperature check, and if the person has respiratory issues, he or she will be given a mask to wear for the entire visit.

3. The remainder of the appointment should remain the same, including giving medical history and checking for the remainder of vital signs.

4. A provider will discuss the reason for the appointment with the patient, and a recommended course of treatment will be given.

For those who see counselors through the university’s counseling services, all counseling will be done over the phone and all group therapy is canceled for the remainder of the semester.

Two staff members will be in the office during hours for crisis services, but individuals are still encouraged to call instead of walking in.

For those seeking a counselor, the Counseling Clinic is not taking on new clients, but it will assist in referrals.

The pharmacy is also open for students to use.

If students need to transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy that is closer to them, they can do so by calling the pharmacy.

Under the given circumstances some medication prescriptions, like oral contraception, may be able to have an extension.

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