Student Senate to hear CEVO report, talk budget cuts

Jelan Buchanan, Reporter

Eastern’s Student Senate will be meeting with the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism to discuss Panther Service Day at its Wednesday meeting in the Arcola/Tuscola room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union at 7 p.m.

Student Body President Carson Gordon said that CEVO will be coming to talk to the executive board and senators to get them to sign up to become site leaders for Panther Service Day, which is a campus wide volunteer event.

Gordon said the site leaders’ focus will be to keep everyone on task, keep everything organized for the day and lead all of the other students that will be volunteering as well.

Gordon and Speaker of the Senate Seth Yeakel will be talking with the senators about the meeting they had with the apportionment board over the budget report.

“Seth and I have been working on making cuts,” Gordon said. “We do have to make cuts to our budget, so we have been working on those and making those decisions and we’re going to present our ideas for that to the Senate and see what they think. We want to get some feedback from them so that they’re kept in the loop on the process and we’ll take any of their feedback and suggestions into consideration.”

Gordon said once everyone is back after spring break, they will be presenting the budget to the apportionment board again to see if they approve of the changes that were made.

Gordon said the Senate was working with a $44,000 budget before it had to cut down to $41,273, so student government has to find a way to cut $2,727 from its budget. 

 A note on the Senate website encouraged students to attend Senate meetings, introduce themselves to the Senate and talk to the Speaker of the Senate about becoming a senator.

An application for student senators can be found online on the Senate’s website under “applications.”

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