Students play video games, draw at Tarble After Hours party

Kyara Morales, Staff Reporter

Students explored art exhibitions, grabbed snacks, listened to music and played board games Thursday evening during the Tarble Arts Center’s After Hours party.

A Wii was provided, allowing the attendees to play games projected on a wall.

Attendees also got the chance to make their own art with the help and instruction of Chris Conant, a graduate student majoring in studio arts, specifically painting and drawing.

The painting session began with attendees being asked to quickly draw four sketches of simple things they can think of from memory.

After making their sketches, they were provided with canvases, brushes and paint sticks, allowing them to truly begin working on their creations.

Conant said the point of this exercise was to get students started with something simple that they could then complicate by adding more details and colors.

He said hoped the event would get people who are not initiated in art get a chance to create it. He wanted the students to challenge their artistic abilities while also having fun.

Christine Kariuki, a graduate student majoring in sustainable energy, said she was happy to have the chance to express herself through art.

“I always wanted to do art, but I never got to do it back home,” Kariuki said. “When (Conant) said he was doing an art project, I figured I should try it out. It’s fun.”

For others, this event was a stress reliever.

Graduate student Adaeze Akueze, who is majoring in clinical psychology, said participating gave him some relief.

“I needed to de-stress. This is an outlet to have fun and express my frustration. I also love the fact that I get to paint because I haven’t done that in a while, so that’s cool,” Akueze said.

Some attendees also came out in support of the Graduate Student Advisory Council.

Olivia Bennett, a graduate student majoring in counseling, said she came in support of her friends who are in the GSAC program.

“I like seeing everybody’s different pictures,” Bennett said.

Conant also came in support of GSAC. He said the After Hours party was important to him, and he had big hopes for it.

“The most important thing is we learn how to share art with others,” Conant said.

However, he said he did not expect so many people to attend, and he was glad so many students were a part of it.

Tarble will host more events in the future, including a final exhibition of the graduate artwork held from April 23 to May 10.

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