Take some chances; make change

Blake Faith, Sports Reporter

A lot can change over the course of a year. Whether it’s in pop culture or an individual’s life, change is inevitable and the world is constantly moving forward.  When writing this column and thinking about the last year of change, I think of two things:  the Jonas Brothers thankfully being back and still together, and my growth at school and at The Daily Eastern News.

Growing up, I was a fan of the Jonas Brothers. I was about eight when I first heard Year 3000, and wondered who these guys were. I followed them up to the end of the band and in their different careers with Nick Jonas’ solo career and Joe with DNCE.

When Sucker came out, I knew the Jonas Brothers were sticking around for a while. The brothers merged DNCE with Nick’s solo music and made it work over and over again. Their new album “Happiness Begins” was one I thought was the best of the decade last winter. Through their ups and downs, the brothers are still close and they’re making new music that I can’t wait to hear in 2020.

Now for my individual life, I had to accept the change into my life. In February 2019, I was a mess as a student. I was behind on where I wanted to be and I had yet to prove to myself that I should be a college junior due to how bad my grades were. Also, the fact that I was covering minor sports beats as a women’s tennis reporter and track and field reporter was stressful too.

That month I learned a lesson that I had implemented growing up, but not as an adult. That lesson is to work hard and work harder than everyone in order to succeed. As I started to do more and more, people started to notice.

Before I knew it I was turning my school work into a competition. I wanted to outwork and outshine everyone in the classroom. I wanted to show that come Fall 2019, I would be ready for a main sports beat.

The change I made put me in the position I am in now. As I sit here reflecting at the OVC tournament, it’s on my improvement as a student, writer and now holding the jobs of Sports Desk, Sports designer, Men’s Basketball Reporter, Columnist and Men’s soccer reporter. I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at right now.

My challenge is when you see a change or an opportunity to succeed, take the chance.

Blake Faith is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].