PODCAST: Stream Fiends (‘THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD’ S2, E7+8

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All of the tension, character development and exciting storytelling of Netflix’s “THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD” has led up to this moment; Bonnie is finally confronting James and Alyssa, the two kids who she believes brutally murdered her lover in cold blood. After all this build up, tension is overflowing, but there’s a great sense of relief from the audience’s perspective. After witnessing all of the terrible events that have transpired thus far, it feels sort of relieving to see things finally begin to end.

The characters’ performances are still great in these concluding two episodes. Even more impressive than the acting is the phenomenal writing. Episode 7 tackles a huge issue—mental health and suicide—in a matter of just a few minutes, but it’s done tastefully and profoundly. Even though Alyssa and James have been hunted down and manipulated, they see a vulnerability in Bonnie during the confrontation. Instead of lashing back at the emotionally distressed Bonnie, the two young adults show mercy—something we aren’t used to seeing in the show.

Besides the “one scene” that tricks audiences into believing something really dark, and then flipping that belief on its head, episode 7 ends with a heartwarming conclusion that shocks audiences while bringing tears to the eyes of some.

Episode 8, while concluding the second season, further develops the complicated themes of the previous episode. The climax has passed by now, which is evident, and things are calming way down.

By the end of the episode, there’s a real foundation to James’ and Alyssa’s relationship. Honestly, the series could end right at the final few minutes of the last episode and we would be 100 percent content. If Netflix has another season in store for us, we’re excited to check it out, and we’d highly recommend the show to anyone. Listen on to hear why.

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