Reflecting on college during midterm

Blake Faith, Sports Reporter

In boxing, there is the term “catching that second wind.” The second wind refers to getting past the first burst of tiredness and getting back and doing another round. Currently we are ending week seven of this semester, and I think my second wind is going to kick in at some point, and for other students, it will be coming soon.

My schedule is ludicrous this semester, and I tell people that I’m constantly busy and always have to do something. I’m a full-time student, I work two on-campus jobs, including being a columnist and Men’s basketball reporter for The Daily Eastern News, and I have an independent study class that requires me to cover sports in the Coles County area.

Even though it sounds busy, I feel like if I’m not constantly busy or doing something, then I will fall behind and not accomplish my goals. I would hope I’m not the only graduating senior here on campus who has this thought process of constantly trying to stay ahead just for that inch closer to post-graduation.

This is not how I expected my senior year in college to be, especially my last semester. I expected my last semester to be a little more carefree. I also thought I might catch “senioritis” and just hit cruise control. Instead, I have to continue to strive to be better while also trying to be an example to my family and friends. To me, I have stayed ahead as much as I could. My grades are somehow still solid, As and Bs, which is shocking to me. I missed a whole week of class because of winter sickness, which hasn’t happened to me since high school, but I’ve learned from everyone that life never stops.

The best advice I can offer is take a step back and reflect if you read this column and feel the same. Find the time and place to just relax and wind down. For me, those have come in two ways: drives to Lake Charleston and going an hour back to my hometown and spending time with close friends, whether that time is spent just playing video games, watching UFC or boxing and just being around them.

Those two things continue to keep me going in the first few weeks of this semester. Those things give me energy boosts to continue. The true second wind, I believe, will come over spring break, where there is a week without class.

Blake Faith is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].