LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Eastern’s senates condemn white supremacy posters

This letter was submitted by the staff, student and faculty senates of Eastern.

“The Student, Staff and Faculty Senates of Eastern Illinois University condemn those attempting to propagate hate, and racial and religious disharmony at EIU, and to incite violence and mistrust in the name of white supremacy.

As the representatives of the students, staff and faculty at EIU, we cherish the diversity that makes us better and stronger, and we celebrate our community that includes all walks of life. What is more, the diversity of our community is vital to our educational mission.

We unequivocally denounce the sentiments of white supremacist doctrine espoused in the materials found on campus and in Charleston, and likewise affirm that bigotry is based on hatred and ignorance of racial, religious and ethnic difference. White supremacy is wrong — it offends both our moral compass and our dedication to reason.

We derive solace in the fact that such sentiments are driven merely by the desire to incite outrage, but also that our response will be to respect and admire our EIU colleagues even more in all our racial, religious and cultural diversity. We encourage the campus, the community and the nation to come together in unity against such vain and desperate attempts to divide us.

President David Glassman’s strong words of condemnation issued on Feb. 19, 2020 accurately reflect the convictions of Eastern’s student, staff and faculty communities. We stand behind President Glassman’s words in addressing concerns arising from the circulation of white-supremacist untruths.

We want to stress our concern regarding the safety and security of all students, staff and faculty on campus and in our community, especially members of the groups targeted by white-supremacist disinformation.

We resolve to work hard to make everyone on campus and in our community recognize the fallacy and depravity of white supremacy and all other forms of hatred and intolerance, and resolve to counter it by fostering an atmosphere of inclusion, acceptance, and respect.”