Student Senate to vote on study abroad club

Jelan Buchanan, Reporter

Student Senate will vote on the creation of a Study Abroad Club at Wednesday’s meeting in the Arcola/Tuscola room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union at 7 p.m.

Student Body President Carson Gordon said before they were able to bring this new RSO to the attention of all the senators, vice president for student affairs Samira Abdoulaye-Pedila had to work with the student affairs committee to go through new RSO constitutions.

“Once they sort all that out and they have the constitutions, it gets sent out to everyone within student government before the meeting,” Gordon said. “We have a chance to review the constitution and note any changes that need to be made.”

Gordon said the senators will be able to ask any questions they have about the Study Abroad Club and discuss ideas of the RSO, and then vote on whether or not they approve of it.

Gordon is still in the works with the Health Education Resource Center. 

She said they have some projects coming up, but nothing has been finalized yet. 

She also said they are in the process of trying to get other RSOs to have more people involved.

Student body election packets have been approved by Gordon and Election Commissioner Ethan Osborne, but it must go through another approval from adviser Ceci Brinker and graduate adviser Sophia Sarver.

Gordon said it will be about a week before Brinker and Sarver approve the packets, then they will be placed in the Student Activities Center for students to pick them up. 

An application for student senators can be found online on the Senate’s website under “applications.”

A note on the Senate website encouraged students to attend senate meetings and introduce themselves to the Senate and to speak to the speaker of the senate about becoming a senator.

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