Opinion: IM referees need to step things up

Dillan Schorfheide, Sports Editor

The refereeing of Eastern’s intramural basketball games needs to be better.

I would really like to extend an invitation to all those who complain about NBA referees making bad calls to watch an Eastern intramural basketball game.

And before you start thinking, “Oh, this is just some college kid blaming referees for losing, get over it,” I am not blaming referees for a loss.

Monday night, my team got beat. Period.

I came out slow, I missed open shots and turned the ball over. We missed shots as a team and had bad stretches within the game.

I own up to that, but what I will not own up to is the four fouls I was called for. I also would like to point out that the other team was awarded nearly 20 free throws in the game, while my team did not get a single one. 

Not one free throw.

We drove to the basket, we got fouled on shots and we got hacked while trying to rebound the ball. I distinctly remember, in the second half, grabbing a rebound and getting elbowed in the lip, which caused my gum to bleed.

But when I deflect a pass, before the intended recipient gets to it and runs into me, I get called for the foul? I cannot support that kind of officiating.

I have bit my tongue during my four years at Eastern over officiating, but this is just ridiculous. I understand students are not always experienced with officitiating, but they do get trained on how to referee games and get paid to officiate games.

Eastern students who play in games need to be able to submit reviews on the referees, and no that is not harsh, that is life. 

Not once Monday, when my teammates or I asked for an explanation for a foul call, did we get one.

There is a reason when I talk to other Eastern students, when talking about intramural basketball, the one surefire thing always brought up is bad officiating.

It ruins the experience. 

In my entire playing career, especially once I started playing in high school, I never averaged more than two fouls per game, and that is with very experienced and well-trained IHSA referees making the calls.

But I get here and average nearly four fouls a game? Anyone with basketball common sense could tell you my fouls (one foul I will accept) Monday were not fouls.


Dillan Schorfheide is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]