DEN Quick News: 5 things you need to know today

JJ Bullock , Editor-in-Chief

Today is Feb. 13, 2020. Here are the five things happening on campus you need to know today

1. STAFF EDITORIAL: CAA should be compliant with Open Meetings Act

Eastern’s Council on Academic Affairs has proposed a bylaw change, backed by University legal counsel Laura McLaughlin, that would no longer subject the Council to the Illinois Open Meetings Act. We at The Daily Eastern News find Eastern to be wrong in both its thought and reasoning in this case. Full editorial:

2. 1st VPBA candidate visits campus

The first candidate for Eastern vice president of business affairs position visited campus Wednesday. Phillip Pena in one of three candidates set to visit. Full story:

3. CAA to discuss OMA bylaw revision Thursday

The Council on Academic Affairs will again discuss a proposed bylaw change that would no longer subject it to the Open Meetings Act. Daily Eastern News editor-in-chief has filed a grievance with the public access counselor at the Illinois Attorney General’s office. Full story:

4. Smith going for 74th game with made 3-pointer 

Eastern’s starting guard for the men’s basketball team Mack Smith will be aiming to make history Thursday night by getting to his 74th game in a row with a made three-pointer. Eastern plays Southern Illinois Edwardsville Thursday in Lantz Arena. Full story:

5. Women’s basketball team to host last-place Cougars

Eastern’s women’s basketball team (8-4 OVC) will host last-place Southern Illinois Edwardsville in Lantz Arena Thursday night. Full story: