Column: Differentiating Facebook and Instagram s

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist

I am still confused about what the difference between Instagram and Facebook is. Instagram is seen as the hip and cool social media app, whereas Facebook is deemed an old people’s social media. In my opinion they are essentially the same app and not much is different between the two. Personally, I use Facebook more, because that was the app that I joined first. When I downloaded Instagram onto my phone a year or so ago I was confused about why Instagram is more popular. On Instagram if you like a picture or video, you just heart it. However, Facebook has added other emotions to the picture instead of just a like so you can be more specific about what you think about a post.  

My biggest problem with Instagram is that when I watch a video and I want to rewind it back to a certain spot, it will not let me but it will restart once the video is over. It is an inconvenience because it wastes my time and by that point I have already scrolled down to another post. I like that Facebook has that option to rewind the video to exactly where you want it to be.

Most of my friends make the same posts on Facebook and Instagram so I get to see the photo twice, which is fine but I don’t really see the purpose. I typically post the same pictures but with different captions to make it more interesting for myself and others. I remember posting on Facebook about spraining both my ankles, and on Instagram I shared a picture of my brace on one of my feet with a caption. I try to mix it up for variety, because as people say, “variety is the spice of life.” 

I get that having a lot of followers on Instagram is a huge deal to some people, whether it boosts their confidence or makes them feel special, but I would never want random people wanting to follow me and comment on my posts. To me that just seems like a creepy thing and would make me feel uncomfortable, but to each their own. 

I will say that I do enjoy seeing my favorite celebrities posting on Instagram, which is mainly the only reason I go on the app, because I get to see what new ventures they are up to and what is new with them; however, I do know that many of those celebrities photoshop their pictures, which is something I do not approve of, whether you are famous or not. 

Overall, if I had to choose between Instagram and Facebook it will most likely always be Facebook, because I like the way it is set up better and I think Instagram is just another app trying to be just like Facebook without anything that makes it different.

Kate Rehwinkel is a senior management major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]