PODCAST: Stream Fiends (‘THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD’ S2, E3 and 4)

Season 2, Episode 2 of the podcast

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Alyssa finally comes face to face with James for the first time since he was shot at the end of Season 1.

Their meeting is a bittersweet one: They’re both happy to see each other again deep down inside, but life goes on, and Alyssa has a wedding to go to.

However, things go awry, and Alyssa flocks to James shortly after a confused, altogether poorly planned wedding.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the duo meets an interesting character hitchhiking on the road: Bonnie.

They decide to pick her up, and that’s where the grisly tale continues.

Is Alyssa’s and James’ reunion a good idea, or a terrible one with sure consequences? Or is it somewhere in the middle? Listen on to find out how we think things are panning out in this very unique story of teenage angst, love and revenge.

“Stream Fiends” is a 15- to 30-minute-long podcast dissecting TV shows on streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime (or anything else that broke college students can afford). Stream Fiends is an extension of Eastern Illinois University’s The Daily Eastern News Podcasts.

On Stream Fiends, Logan Raschke, DEN managing editor/senior journalism major, and Elizabeth Taylor, DEN campus reporter/freshman journalism major, co-host the podcast together.