Students share Syllabus Week impressions

Emilie Bowman, Staff Reporter

With the first week of classes coming to a close, students are readying themselves for another semester of papers, projects and lectures. 

Syllabus week gives students a chance to get a feel for their new classes, professors and classmates while also deciding if they would like to add or drop any of their current courses. 

Students around campus are reflecting on their first semester, hoping to make changes that will help them succeed in their new courses. 

Madelyn Powers, a freshman English major, said that her first week was easy and that she plans on doing many things differently during her second semester of college. 

“I’m going to try to be more prepared and organized,” stated Powers. “I’ve decided to use a planner this semester and set deadlines for myself instead of leaving all of my work until the last minute and getting super stressed.”

“Hopefully, I can actually stick to my study habits this semester,” joked Powers. 

Now having more experience, freshmen around campus have a more positive outlook on their second semester at school. 

“I had a really hard first semester,” claimed freshman jazz performance major Jake Hinds. “I think this semester will be harder course-wise, but I also think it will be much more exciting.”

Freshman Michael Bates, undecided major, believes this week was easy.

“I had a lot of fun. I have four classes so it should be a pretty easy semester, easier than last semester. We’re out here making life easy, hopefully getting straight As,” said Bates. 

Freshman Rachel Bynum, special education major, also believes that her semester will be easier. 

“Now that the first week is over, I think this semester is going to be way easier than last semester,” said Bynum. “I not only have less classes, but I also have easier classes. I have more free time on my schedule, which is cool since I have a job after school.”

The first week set a different tone for some of the upperclassmen on campus. 

Sophomore finance major Kayla Jandek believes that this semester will be harder than her past semesters.

“I think this semester is going to be more difficult because I have more classes geared towards my major and no more gen eds,” stated Jandek. 

Senior psychology major Hannah Whitcomb has a bittersweet feeling about this semester. 

“I think it’ll be challenging but fun,” claims Whitcomb. “A lot of the classes I’m taking are the final ones I need to do for my major, which is awesome!”

Now entering her final semester of college, Whitcomb thinks back fondly on her four years at Eastern, imparting wisdom to underclassmen.

“Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and just have fun,” advises Whitcomb. “Don’t be afraid to change majors and definitely don’t feel like you’re stuck with the original major you choose. Find something that you actually like.”

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