Student Senate hears state of senate and university addresses


Heather Hardin

Student senators tune in on the agenda Wednesday night.The agenda included both state of the senate and state of the university addresses.

Zoe Donovan, Reporter

The Student Senate unanimously approved two resolutions at it final meeting Wednesday evening in Arcola/Tuscola room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

One resolution of the night was for the approval of Diversity Action Committee Week funds of $209.

The resolution stated that the students approved the breakdown for the money spent on events that will happen the week of Jan. 27 to Jan. 30.

Diversity Action Committee Week will feature events that focus on mental health, colorism, “The Words We Use” and the “Break the Cycle” event.

The first resolution was a holdover from last week’s agenda, which could not be voted on because not enough senators were present to make a quorum and were thus unable to conduct any official business.

The resolution extended recognition and appreciation of the psychology department for bringing back their study abroad program to Vienna, Austria.

At last week’s meeting, Steven Scher, a psychology professor, was able to address the senate during the Academic Affairs Committee Reports.

In his State of the Senate Address, Speaker of the Senate, Michael Perri, mentioned the issue of recent resignations on the Senate.

He expressed his hope that in the future they are able to better equip and prepare senators ahead of time, and make them aware of the full responsibility of the duties and time commitments.

Perri also referenced each of the committees and the plans, events and changes they have made throughout the semester, and expressed his gratitude for his time as speaker of the senate, before giving the floor to interim speaker and Executive Vice President Kathleen Conlin.

Conlin confirmed that she will be acting as interim speaker at the first two meetings of the spring semester, and that those meetings will be dedicated to nominations and voting on the next speaker of the senate.

Student Body President Carson Gordon said senators who plan to run will need to speak with her before the first meeting of the spring semester on Jan 22.

Mark Hudson, director of Housing and Dining, addressed the senate during the audience participation segment of the meeting, outlining current and planned spending for the upcoming years.

He said one of the biggest changes would be the increase in minimum wage, and thus the pay for student workers.

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