Opinion: Netflix is still a good service

Kate Rehwinkel, Columnist

As everyone should be aware by now, Disney+ came out last week and of course everyone was so excited.

I will be starting my free trial during the week of Thanksgiving break, so that I have a whole week of no homework and can binge watch multiple shows and movies.

I am expecting big things from Disney’s new streaming service. I think having the bundle with Hulu and ESPN makes it that much more enticing for people to buy it.

However, I do still love Netflix and would not cancel my subscription even though they need to up their game.

Here are some reasons why Netflix is still in the streaming service.

Netflix has zero commercials.

Call me impatient, but I hate watching commercials on Hulu, even if they are only 90 seconds. Sure, I could pay more for premium Hulu that gets rid of the commercials and offers more shows, but I choose not to. I love that Netflix does not have commercials and you can just watch the show without any interruption. To me, it makes binging more fun and it seems to go by faster.

Netflix has great original shows and movies.

I think many people would agree that Netflix  has quite a lot of good original shows. For example, Grace & Frankie, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black are huge hits on Netflix. My personal favorite Netflix original show is called Insatiable and I recommend everyone watching it. Hulu has some original shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, but they do not have as many original shows and movies as Netflix does. If Netflix was to crash and burn, what would happen to these great original shows?

You can download content on your phone.

I think having the option to download content for times when you do not have wifi is a great idea, especially if you commute on a subway or bus. As far as I know, Hulu does not offer that service to its customers. I think having that option is great. I even use it when I am going on a trip to see family and my mom drives.

I am sure Disney+ will have a lot of content; however, I do not know if it will keep me entertained for a longer period than Netflix or Hulu will. Of course, with the bundle I might consider getting Disney+, but I think Netflix will continue to improve their experience because they now know that Disney will give them a run for their money. Essentially, Disney put a fire under Netflix’s ass and I hope they are up for the challenge that is coming their way.

Kate Rehwinkel is a senior management major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]