Weird food combos are the best

Kate Rehwinkel

This past week at work, I got onto the topic about weird food combinations with my bosses. It all started when I was sitting at the desk with a banana and a bag a chips. My boss asked me if that was my breakfast, and I said only the banana was. She then asked me if I had ever had macaroni and cheese pizza before, because Casey’s brought it back onto their menu. Let’s just say that I am a big fan of macaroni and cheese, especially on a pizza, and I do enjoy potato chips on a sandwich from time to time even though I know the texture can be weird to some people.

According to most of my friends, I have very unusual food combinations. I am not talking about caramel and apples, I am talking about apples and ketchup. I know, it sounds gross but as I kid I would not eat my vegetables without ketchup and then I decided to try it with some of the fruits I enjoyed as a kid. I happened to love the taste of apples dipped in ketchup. Additionally, my most favorite food combination that I love to eat is Kraft macaroni and cheese mixed with V8 tomato juice. Now before you start scrunching your nose up at it, think about it. The tomato juice mixed with the cheese creates a hint of tomato flavor in your mac and cheese making it even creamier than the regular kind. If you think that combination is odd, I know a person who has the weirdest food combination I have ever heard of, which is a banana and mayonnaise sandwich. However, I can’t judge because I definitely have weird food combinations that I love.

I firmly believe that some of these food combinations come from how your family makes food. My grandpa was the person who started the macaroni and cheese with V8 juice combination, and it has been passed down to my mom and me. Sometimes people find different food combinations through their own curiosity. I used to be embarrassed about my food combinations because I would get weird faces from my friends and acquaintances; however, I decided that I will embrace my weird food combinations and not be embarrassed.

I think before people judge other food combinations; we should at least give them a shot. I am always more than happy to make someone macaroni and cheese with V8 juice and have them try it. I have tried for almost four years to convince my best friend to do it. I have faith that she will eventually try it. It is a mind over matter case. If your mind is telling you it is gross and is not open to it, the odds of you trying it are slim to none. Take a risk. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy the combination and not think it is so odd afterall.


Kate Rehwinkel is a senior management major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].