Student Senate plans to pass out last drug test kits

Zoë Donovan, Staff Reporter

Michael Perri, speaker for Student Senate, said Wednesday that because the senate was only able to pass out 6 of 100 date rape drug testing kits during this week’s tabling event because of low student turnout, it will pass the remaining kits during the “It’s on us” campaign in April.

Last week, the senate voted unanimously to release $124 in funds to spend on 100 date rape drug testing kits.

Perri and other senators were able to pass out 6 of the 100 purchased kits at the “Your Campus, Your Voice” tabling events on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Perri said he blamed the cold, rainy weather for the low turnout at both days’ tabling events.

Perri said every student who stopped by the event picked up one of the tests, but only six students showed, so only six were passed out.

The students who did make it to tabling events were appreciative for the kits and surprised by the resource being made available, Perri said.

“We did order 100, so we’re going to try to use them all,” Perri said.

The next “Your Campus, Your Voice” tabling event will be held on Nov. 5 and focus on representation on campus.

The last “Your Campus, Your Voice” tabling event of the fall semester will be on Nov. 19 and focus on a semester wrap-up and mental health awareness.

Samira Abdoulaye Pedila, student body vice president of student affairs, announced that two new registered student organization bills would be presented to the senate at the next Student Senate meeting on Nov. 6.

Skylar Coffey, student affairs committee chair, announced plans for the “Baby it’s Finals Outside” tabling event to take place at the top of the stairs in Coleman Hall on Nov. 19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Student senators will be at the table, passing out free hot coffee, tea and cocoa as well as a number of toppings, other additions to the drinks and candy canes. They will also be passing out informational pamphlets containing a number of resources available to students on campus.

Student Body President Carson Gordon announced that former student senator Ethan Osborne would be the Student Senate election commissioner for the spring semester election.

The senate also heard committee reports from the following: Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Business Affairs, Diversity Affairs, External Relations, Internal Affairs and University Enhancement.

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