PHOTO GALLERY: Spooky bridge

Zach Burger | The Daily Eastern News
Embarrass River flows directly under Airtight Bridge in Ashmore. According to Atlas Obscura, the dismembered body was laid to rest under the name of “Jane Doe” because authorities were unable to identify her. Those who remembered the case often visited the grave and left flowers. Atlas Obscura mentioned there was a break in the case in 1992, DNA testing had identified the victim as Diana Marie Riordan-Small.
Anya Porter | The Daily Eastern News
Located over the Embarrass river in Ashmore, Airtight bridge gets its name for the eerie stillness when people cross over it. According to Atlas Obscura’s website, on Oct. 19, 1980, a woman’s dismembered body was found in the river below, and authorities had a scuba team dive into the river to look for body parts.