CAA approves changes to business minor course

Logan Raschke, Managing Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs voted unanimously Thursday to approve a revision to the operations and supply chain management minor to include BUS 1950 to its core requirements.

Gurkan Akalin, interim assistant chair of management information, said the rationale for this proposal was to clear up what courses students would need to take to get the minor. 

BUS 1950, computer concepts and applications for business, is a prerequisite of BUS 2810, business statistics I, so approving the proposal makes it clear to students that it is a core requirement to the supply chain management minor.

The council also added all items to be added to the agenda. The items are as follows:

• Environmental impact and sustainability minor (revised minor)

• Recreation administration: therapeutic recreation option (revised option)

• REC 4710: therapeutic recreation seminar (revised course)

• Change course prefixes HPR to PBH (new proposal)

• Change department, major and minor department of health promotion to department of public health (new proposal)

The council will act upon these items during its next meeting.

The council also heard 11 executive actions. The actions are as follows:

• Revise prerequisites for BIO 2210 to include BIO 1004G as an option

• Revise the internship requirement in the Biological Sciences-Environmental Biology option from the current 12 required hours to add an option of six internship hours, plus six undergraduate research and/or independent study hours

• Revise BIO 4984’s name and prerequisites

• Integrate PLS 3773 in the American politics/public policy/public administration fields, and to integrate PLS 3263 in the international relations/comparative politics fields

• Integrate PLS 3773 in major elective requirements in the political science with civic and nonprofit leadership option

• Integrate PLS 3263 into the major elective list in the international relations option: comparative and international relations requirements

• Integrate PLS 3773 into the civic and nonprofit leadership minor

• Revise course title for HPR 3200 from “School Health” to “School Health for K-12 Teachers”

• Change course description for MUS 2443

• Change catalog course description for PHI 3540 from “F-even numbered years” to “on demand”

• Remove the environmental sustainability minor and the environmental studies minor from the catalog

Marita Gronnvoll, CAA chair and communication studies professor, said Kristen Holly, assistant superintendent of Charleston schools, will come to the next meeting as a guest speaker.

She said Holly would talk to the council about the Charleston school district’s competency-based education initiative. 

Gronnvoll said Holly’s communication with the council would be moved close to the beginning of the meeting for accommodation.

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