Get out there, go to more concerts

Jaidyn Yarber, Columnist

Blaring speakers, blinding lights, and a crowd full of faces. A good concert exposes you to all of this and the promise of an unforgettable time.

In my opinion, the experience of live music is so worth it. It gives you the opportunity to see your favorite artists, while blending into a crowd and feeling the contagion of excitement that can only be fueled by the atmosphere and the energy on stage.

It’s no secret that I have a bad habit of spending all my money on my favorite artists.

My aunt took me to see One Direction (post-Zayn’s departure) when I was 12, and I was hooked after that. Now, I spend my summers in crowds and I love every second of it.

Listening to Post Malone through my earbuds and seeing him a few feet away from me was absolutely mind-blowing to me, and I’d do it all over again without hesitation.

Nothing compares to being in the first couple rows, closest to the stage, interacting with the artists on stage.

At one of the recent concerts I went to, I caught a guitar pick from Jack Barakat, the lead guitarist from All Time Low, so now I’ve invested in a pink acoustic and I’m trying to teach myself how to play.

If I wouldn’t have gone, I wouldn’t have been inspired to pick up the guitar. In other words, I can think of countless reasons to spend all my money on concert tickets and overpriced booth merchandise.

It’s also such a great conversation starter. I don’t know how many friends I’ve made by comparing concert experiences and artists we’ve seen.

When you can find someone to relate to, it’s fun to share stories.

Making friends at concerts is just as fun; it’s crazy how quick a stranger can become someone to relate to.

The people we meet at concerts, the things we buy, and what we experience all combine to create unforgettable memories and great stories to share once it’s all over.

It is easy to make memories at a concert because we are given opportunities in that setting that are not casual anywhere else.

Nonetheless, the people we see, the songs we sing, and the clothes we buy all add up to the memories that will last after the show is over.

Above all, concerts hold the capability of an amazing experience for anyone.

Whether you’re in the lawn, seats, or mosh pits, there’s a spot for everyone. Concerts are worthwhile because not only is live music an amazing experience, but they have an uncomparable atmosphere, and they form unforgettable memories.

Next time tickets go on sale, think twice before turning it down; it could be exactly what you need.

Jaidyn Yarber is a freshman English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].