Booth Library blends study, leisure for students

Bailey Scoggins, Contributing Writer

Booth Library sports thousands of stories, both electronic and print, among other important student services.

Logan Raschke
Photographed is the outside of Eastern’s Booth Library. The library houses about 600,000 books for students.

Beth Heldebrandt, public relations director of Booth Library, said the library has an electronic collection of 96,000 e-books, 73,000 e-journals and 251 electronic databases.

The library also has a collection of 600,000 print books and 43,000 DVDs and CDs.

Additionally, Heldebrandt said the library even offers umbrellas.

“We offer books, DVDs, music, umbrellas when it is raining, children games, all at no cost,” Heldebrandt said. “All you need is a Panthercard or a community patron card.”

Heldebrandt said the library staff often has a hard time getting people to leave. 

“Faculty members tell me it is difficult to get people to leave sometimes, so that is a good sign,” Heldebrandt said. “That means people are either really involved in their work or relaxing. Sometimes they have to say, ‘OK, we are closing, it is time to go.’”

Heldebrandt said her favorite thing about the library is the vibe it gives off. 

“I like that the library is a real active place,” she said. “When I go out to the library, there’s always a lot of people; people see it has a place to hang out. There is always good energy here, so it is not like you are in the quiet type of library.”

She said that anyone in the state of Illinois could use the library because Eastern is a public school.  Those without a Panthercard can get visitors cards.

Another service Booth Library offers is scheduling consultations with librarians. 

Consultations are for students who want to help finding information for assignments, research papers or theses. These can be scheduled with a librarian by calling 581-6072, using the online chat on the website,, or going to the library research desk on the third level of the building.

The library also has different places to study throughout the building, along with private study rooms for groups. 

The study rooms are first come, first serve, Heldebrandt said.

Alyssa Cortese, a senior elementary education major, said she visits the library twice a week to study and use resources, such as the printers and study rooms.

“I like to study at the library because I can’t focus in my room, and while I am at the library, my ability to work hard is stronger because of the peaceful environment,” she said. 

Booth Library hosts different exhibits that are handpicked by librarians. 

This fall, Booth Library is hosting a traveling exhibit from the National Library of Medicine called “For all the people, a century of citizen action in health care reform,” which goes on through Sept. 23 until Nov. 2.

Stacey Knight-Davis, head of library technology services, said she is pleased with the people scheduled to speak for the exhibit. 

“We got a really solid group of talks to go along with this exhibit that will hit several areas within the content, along with activism for better health here,” Knight-Davis said. 

Heldebrandt said Booth Library also has its events on the Panther Life app, so students can check there for information as well. 

“We have a lot of events coming up in the next month; we encourage everyone to not only hang out here but come to our programs and events,” Heldebrandt said.

Booth library is open from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5.p.m. Friday., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and noon until midnight Sunday.

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