Troublemakers seem to enjoy being awful

Andrew Paisley

Isn’t it funny how we reach our college years and suddenly we find people acting just as immature as they did in grade school?

It often baffles me, because I came to college to have the college experience and get a proper education, not revisit the low maturity levels that others had when we were little kids.

It seems like each day we can hardly trust anyone anymore. I’ve always had a kind heart and did my best to be there for everyone and help anyone in need.

That’s just how I was raised and who I am, so it wasn’t anything abnormal to me.

What irritates me to the core is when these people I help end up being some of the most blatant troublemakers that you could ever meet. Some of them can manipulate you to the point where you feel as though they are the victims in any situation they’re involved in.

This has happened to me during the last few weeks here at school, and it got to the point where a certain troublemaker was making up terrible lies and saying that I said things I did not.

I cannot stand when I’m accused of doing or saying anything that I haven’t done or said. It’s one of my biggest peeves. And to make it worse, the person who did all of this just loves to see friendships destroyed.

I just can’t understand why someone would want to be this evil and try to destroy others’ lives.

Are you that bored? Do you get some kind of high off of doing this?

I can’t imagine spending every day of my life trying to figure out whose friendships I can destroy and which person I can alienate from their friends. That’s just plain evil. It’s truly sad.

I’ve learned recently with this situation that some people never grow up, and they’ll always be the same troublemaker they were in kindergarten. Sometimes, they even get worse with age.

But, we shouldn’t feed into them anymore. There were warning signs I had with this particular person, but I thought I was wrong.

When you meet someone, look for those signs. If they seem like the type that is always getting into some kind of drama or situation, they’re a troublemaker. If they like to argue, point the blame at others and never take responsibility, they’re a troublemaker.

I wish I had listened to these signs back then so I could have never let this person in my life.

But, it’s all over now, and I don’t have to allow this person anywhere near me ever again.

I can be more aware of who I surround myself with and try to be extra careful when allowing new people to be in my life.


Andrew Paisley is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]