Doudna to offer students free tickets

Bryce Herrin, Contributing Reporter

The Doudna Fine Arts Center staff is encouraging students to attend more performances by offering

Students must show their panther card to receive available tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“The Doudna hopes students will take advantage of the free ticket offer,” said Dan Crews, director of programming and promotion at Doudna.

Crews said the promotion will help students who cannot afford a ticket but still wish to see a show.

Crews said students should check out Doudna and take in its “acoustically-perfect venues.”

The Doudna hosts a variety of events such as the Vienna Boys Choir, Cocktail Hour, Churchill and Iris Dement.

Doudna offers 325 to 330 performances from Sept. 1 to April 30, Crews said.

For history fans, “Churchill: A One Man Play,” will be performed on Nov. 9.

“Andrew Edlin is really looking forward to coming and he is great, so I am looking forward to the show,” Crews said.

Edlin was born in Brighton, England and has performed in over 30 stage productions.

Another premier act on Nov. 14 is the international renowned Vienna Boys Choir.

This choir consists of 100 boys ages 10 to 14 who spend approximately 11 weeks performing.

Doudna is promoting diverse acts for each student to experience and enjoy.

“(Performers) may not be a big name, but they are just as good,” said Dennis Malak, director of operations, who also helps with the decision of Doudna performers.

Malak said students should see each of the shows available.

The performances range from a jazz festival to choirs and ballets.

On top of these student performances, there is also a children’s touring theater.

“That’s cool because they work with kids K to 12,” Malak said.

Malak and Crews both said Doudna’s arts are important for the college experience.

“You can find a whole new form of entertainment that you have never experienced before, something that opens your eyes or makes you think,” Malak said.

Malak and Crews said students can experience and take away memories whenever they see a show or event at Doudna.

Doudna’s box office opens at noon on the weekdays, but to receive the free ticket students must arrive when the doors open before the show.

The doors open 30 minutes before the shows start. However, some of these shows sell out so students may have to hurry to get a ticket.

“I would say that the musical coming up is something that will fill up soon,” said Steven Gonzalez, a sophomore music education major.

The musical, “A Secret Garden,” which will debut on Nov. 14-17, features student performers.

In addition to this, students perform in a variety of musical ensembles, such as bands, orchestras and choir groups.

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