Take your cellphone off speaker phone

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

Every time I walk around campus or go get something to eat, I hear someone talking on the phone. Not a big deal, but I can hear the entire conversation. Literally. They are talking on speakerphone, so I can hear both people talking. Why is this a common thing? Why do so many people feel the need to just blast their conversations to the world on speakerphone?

I understand the purpose of speakerphone. I use it sometimes myself, granted I only use it when I’m alone and doing something that prohibits me from using my hands. But if I’m just walking around campus and someone calls me, why would I use speakerphone? You can’t even hear the other person very well when talking on speakerphone, especially when you’re walking around. I don’t understand why people do this.

They aren’t even using speakerphone to tell the other person something that they have to read from their phone from another app. This is acceptable because when people do this, they typically do so quickly, and they are not obnoxiously loud.

The people I’m talking about are the ones who have people on Facetime out loud, or the ones who set their phone down on the table and just carry on a conversation. It’s rude, and it makes everyone around you think less of you. You are invading our personal space with your conversation and it is distracting and annoying.

The only possible explanation for why people do this is that they are inconsiderate and self-important. They probably just want attention, and the only way they can think to get it is by being loud and obnoxious, rather than doing something worth value.

This isn’t a problem only on Eastern’s campus, either. I travel a lot, and I’ve noticed people all over everywhere doing this. It’s even more disrespectful to have someone on speakerphone at a national park.

The part that confuses me even more is the person on the other end of the phone. Do they know they’re on speakerphone? Do they know that everything they say can be heard by several other people? If I knew the person I was talking on the phone with had me on speakerphone, I would be much more conscious of what I say. Based on the many conversations I’ve heard, I do not believe they know they are on speakerphone (or at least I hope not).

No one cares about your conversation. No one wants to know what you’re talking about. Everyone just wants you to lower your voice and take your phone off of speakerphone. Be respectful of other people, and don’t make them listen to your conversations.

Jessica Stewart is a junior English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].