Students follow up on their first week

Corryn Brock, News Editor

The first week of classes is over, and many students are ready for the semester ahead of them.

During the first week of classes, many students get to know their classmates and meet professors while some students drop classes and change what they are taking after reading through the syllabus.

Now that syllabus week is over, many students are prepared to get started on the semester, excited to be in new classes and meet new people.

Grant Manning, a senior political science major, said his first week was easy to get through and that campus seemed more vibrant than in his past three years at Eastern, which could possibly be due to the apparent increase in new students this year.

“It seems more alive, to be honest; it seems a lot more electric,” Manning said.

Sophomore accounting major Gunner Smith also said the campus seemed livelier so far this year.

“I was on campus on move-in day and it definitely seemed more energetic than it has in the past,” Smith said.

Freshmen seem to have a different view on the first week of classes as they enter a new and different chapter of their lives.

Freshman psychology major Clivens LaGuerre said his first week went as expected, but he felt like he put some stress on himself.

“It was lot of walking, remembering a lot stuff and taking notes,” LaGuerre said. “It might be because it’s my first week of college, so I’m trying to be overly prepared and it’s a little stressful.”

As a freshman, LaGuerre said his favorite part of the week was the newfound freedom he was experiencing. 

“I like not being held down by my parents or whatever. I can just kind of do whatever I want to do,” LaGuerre said. “It’s kind of scary, though, because you have to stay focused at the same time.”

Some students believe the first week is easy, allowing students to breeze by during the beginning of the semester and get prepared before the school year really takes off with assignments, projects and quizzes.

Smith said his classes were exactly what he was expecting for the first week.

Students have the entire semester ahead of them and many things to look forward to.

For many students, the best part of the first week of classes is meeting new people and seeing friends after the summer break as well as being introduced to their new classes and seeing what they will focus on over the semester.

Smith said he was excited to see what all he will learn this semester. 

“I’m taking a lot classes that are pretty interesting, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn and to meet new people,” Smith said. 

LaGuerre said he is looking forward to the responsibility to come this semester.

“I’m looking forward to advocating for myself and maturing and actually growing up and getting stuff done,” LaGuerre said. 

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