College 101: Eastern students share study spots

Corryn Brock, Hannah Shillo

Finding the perfect study spot can be difficult, but many Eastern students have found a spot that fits their study needs.

Logan Marr, a senior business management major, said he has found some favorite spots both on and off campus, but he prefers to study on campus.

Marr said he enjoys studying in Booth Library, 7th Street Underground and Starbucks.

Charlotte Williams, a senior marketing major, said she enjoyed studying in the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and at the Java B&B.

Williams said she thinks Java is the best place to study.

“It’s really nice because you’re close to the bookstore and it’s a cool place to interact with students,” Williams said. “It’s really cozy.”

Williams said she thinks another good study spot is Booth Library.

“I think it’s very underused and there’s so many places to study,” Williams said. “There’s a quiet area to study, but if you don’t want that, the computer lab is a great option too.”

Zachary Rardin, a sophomore French education major, said he prefers to study in the library and in the 24-hour Lounge in the Union.

Rardin said he recommends students to find out what type of environment they need to study in and discover a space to match that.

“If you like a quiet atmosphere, go to the library; if you enjoy louder places and studying with others, join a study group,” Rardin said.

Many students said they preferred a quiet space to study.

Williams said she has changed over her years at Eastern; as a freshman, she needed a quiet place to study, but as she got into more classes related to her major, she got used to more noise as she had more group projects.

“I think being able to work with friends is my favorite thing to do, but it is kind of hard to tune it out,” Williams said.

Rardin said he prefers quieter spaces but will occasionally listen to music while studying.

Marr said he looks for a variety of things when he is searching for study spots.

“I like an atmosphere where I can focus, but I also like to have things going on around me to distract from everything,” Marr said. “I can’t really focus when it’s super quiet; I like a little bit of noise.”

Alexia Crockett, a sophomore human services major, said she has issues tuning out outside noise and prefers to find quiet areas to study in.

Crockett recommended the basements in residence halls at night to new students looking for quiet study places and encouraged them to go searching for a study spot of their own.

“You’ll have to walk around and find it,” Crockett said. “Most of the known places are full of people.”

Marr said students should look for study spots based on what their needs are while they study.

“Figure out the best way you can study. Whether it be super quiet or whether it’s a little bit of noise or if you like a lot of noise, a lot of hustle and bustle,” Marr said. “Just figure out the best way to focus and then find those places.”

Corryn Brock and Hannah Shillo can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].