Students share post-audition experiences, stories

Bre Celestin, Staff Reporter

The Global Theater hosted auditions for “The Mountaintop” and “The Secret Garden” in the Doudna Fine Arts Center for Eastern students Tuesday evening. 

The students went off individually to go practice their lines in the building.  

The group was filled with theatre majors like Samantha Grupe, a freshman theatre major. 

Grupe says that she loves to be involved in theater and she that she practices her monologue or song a couple times a day. 

She said she likes how theatre brings students close together. 

“You’re so close in it and it just becomes a family,” Grupe said. 

Derryl Thomas, a freshman theatre art major, said he felt “The Mountaintop” was an important show. 

“I like acting,” Thomas said. “I would love to be a part of sharing that message.” 

Another student who loves to act is Tory Rose, a freshman psychology major, who said she had an interest in theatre. 

 Rose said theatre arts was going to be her original profession but then psychology became her passion. 

“I didn’t know about auditions until yesterday, so I haven’t done a lot. But I picked a song and I will be doing acapella. I kind of just hype myself up and give myself a confidence boost,” Rose said. 

While she had little time to prepare, Rose was still interested in auditioning for these plays.  

“I’m slightly nervous but not as nervous as I expected,” Rose said. 

Adriana Phelps-Patton, a junior psychology and theater arts major, said that it’s important to be prepared. 

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