PODCAST: Popcorn Talk Episode 4 (‘Stuber’)

The cop action comedy “Stuber,” starring Kumail Nanjiani as Uber driver Stu and David Bautista as detective Vic, takes viewers through the outlandish misadventures of these main characters as Vic hunts down a cop-killer while dragging Stu along for the ride (pretty much against his will).

The premise is intriguing, albeit downright nonsensical, but does it surpass the predictable clichés in the cop action dramas/comedies that saturate film entertainment? Well, not really, but the dynamic between Stu and Vic may be the movie’s saving grace. Listen on to hear our perspectives.

“Popcorn Talk” is a 30-minute long podcast dissecting movies both new and old and providing a decent review that will at least help you decide if a movie is worth seeing or not.

In this fourth episode of “Popcorn Talk,” Logan Raschke, a senior journalism major at Eastern Illinois University and Summer 2019 editor-in-chief for The Daily Eastern News, and Analicia “Anali” Haynes, a senior journalism major and senior reporter for the DEN, analyze “Stuber.”