Mi Casa Tu Casa restaurant to relocate

Logan Raschke, Editor-in-Chief

The Mi Casa Tu Casa Mexican restaurant is moving to a new location in Charleston.

Owner Javier Carrillo said he plans to relocate the restaurant to 211 Lincoln Ave., right next to Chubby’s Pizza, in July. His goal is to have the new Mi Casa Tu Casa restaurant open sometime between July 8 and July 12.

As of now, a Bamca Mexican grill sign is being displayed where Mi Casa Tu Casa used to be.

Six years ago, Carrillo said he worked with his brother at Bamca, which occupied the Fourth Street location in Charleston. After about three years, Carrillo said Bamca relocated to Mattoon.

Carrillo said he thinks after Mi Casa Tu Casa is ready to make the move to the new location, Bamca will re-establish itself at the soon-to-be old Mi Casa Tu Casa location, but he could not say with total certainty.

The owner of the Bamca restaurant in Mattoon could not be reached for comment.

Carrillo said the principal reason he wanted to make the move to 211 Lincoln Ave. is the improved parking.

At the Fourth Street location, there are only about five or six parking spaces, he said. The new location has about 20, and it is right next to parking for Morton Park.

Carrillo said he also wants to expand the restaurant to other locations outside Charleston in the future.

He said he knows for sure he will open another Mi Casa Tu Casa at a location in Edwardsville sometime next year.

Carrillo said he is also interested in a potential location in Champaign.

In addition to the change in location, he said just about everything else in the new Mi Casa Tu Casa restaurant is getting changed. He said the kitchen, restrooms and dining area are all seeing updates.

Carrillo is also adding several new food items, including different salads, he said.

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