City Council to vote on FY18 to FY19 MFT funds

Staff Report

The Charleston City Council will vote on eight action items Tuesday night, one including a resolution appropriating $125,000 of motor fuel tax funds for FY18 to FY19.

According to the final expenses for FY 18-19, the department budget in total was $670,331, but the final projection was $787,902.

The difference between the budget and projection is $117,571; the round up totals to $125,000 for “Additional appropriation for MFT expenses,” according to the summary.

Another ordinance the City Council will vote on would amend the classifications of special use permit licenses for alcoholic beverages.

If approved, retailers would be permitted to “transfer beer and wine,” if sales meet a list of criteria, and pay $300 as a fee for the license, according to the ordinance.

The criteria include using only one permit license for any given day, opening the event for which the license is used to the public, restricting access to the area for the license to people 21 years old and older and dispensing alcohol only within designated areas.

Additionally, the cap for special use permit licenses would be set at three in any 12-month period. Charleston would be permitted two for every 12-month period, which does not count toward the three available to the public, according to the ordinance.

There are two more resolutions the City Council will vote on: creating the 2020 Census Complete Count Committee for the city of Charleston and approving power purchase agreements for the Waste Water Treatment Plant main pump station and the Water Treatment Plant.

If approved, another ordinance would permit a sale of real estate, located at 221 North Sixth Street, for the amount of $3,000 to residents Brian and Wendy Varda.

The City Council will also vote on an application for a raffle license for the Red, White and Blue Days.

Mayor Brandon Combs will make two proclamations—one recognizing the 2020 decennial census partnership and another recognizing the week of May 12-18 as National Police Week in Charleston.

Mayor Combs will also announce his reappointment of Matt Madigan and Nora Small to one-year terms as ex officio members of the Charleston Historic Preservation Commission.

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