A ‘Game of Thrones’ review from someone who just started watching

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

I had never seen an episode of “Game of Thrones” until my dad made me watch three episodes from season five with him a few weeks ago.

It was pretty interesting, and I had been wanting to give it a try for a while, so I decided to start watching it myself.

A few days ago, I started watching the first episode. I was hooked after the very first scene.

Honestly, I’m annoyed with myself and the fact that I only just started watching it. I’m only six episodes in and I can’t stop watching, and I’ve been told that it keeps getting better as the show goes on.

Granted, it has been a little confusing to remember who is related to whom and who rules where, but that’s just part of the intricate story. You have to actually pay attention to understand what’s going on.

I really like “Game of Thrones”because it reminds me of a story I would write. I always put a lot of detail into my stories, and “Game of Thrones” is full of details.

The characters are easy to love, and easy to hate for that matter. For example, I love Arya Stark (all of the Starks for that matter) and I hate every Lannister except the king and Tyrion.

I would love to take a sword to Joffrey’s head. He just gets on my nerves.

The scenery in this show is unbelievable, and I would love to be able to visit some of the places.

I wonder if they filmed on location or if they filmed some things in a studio. If there are actual places that look this beautiful in the world, sign me up for the first flight there.

I love how the animals play a key part. I mean, come on; there are dragons.

And the direwolves are adorable. My dog looks very similar to a direwolf (she’s a German shepherd husky mix), and I hope she’s even half as protective as they are.

I also like how they sort of paralleled the direwolves to each of the Stark children.

Obviously, “Game of Thrones” is not for everyone. It is very violent, and they show a lot of gory things, like people getting their heads chopped off with swords.

It is also very sexual, so it’s intended for mature audiences. If you can get past both of these things, you should be able to enjoy it.

If you haven’t seen any of this show, I strongly recommend you give it a shot. I never thought I would like it, but it’s almost impossible not to.

I probably didn’t do it justice since I’ve only seen a handful of episodes, but I promise you it is worth a watch. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an entire show to watch.

Jessica Stewart is a junior English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].