Letter from the editor: Thanks for everything

Analicia Haynes, Editor-in-Chief

This is it.

My tenure as editor-in-chief for a remarkable newspaper has reached an end. Of course, it’s a little bittersweet. Why wouldn’t it be?

It has certainly been an interesting year, and it is definitely one that I will never forget. From covering stories about controversial topics, which in retrospect shouldn’t be so controversial, like the Black Lives Matter Flag to dealing with tiresome commentators who don’t seem to understand the purpose and importance of actual “news,” I’ve been through it.

But, there were good things too; there were great things about this year that made up for all the annoying things that sent me home in tears sometimes.

The most important of those things, though, was my staff of incredible folks who pour all their effort and love into producing this paper. See, there is one thing that you may not know about this newspaper: We don’t just put out a daily paper for the experience. No, it goes beyond that.

We sacrifice hours of our days, chase after stories and sources, cover meetings, talk to angry coaches or athletes, talk to stubborn administrators, approach students and deal with the ridicule because we believe in the fourth estate and we love this newspaper.

This paper is a part of us and will always remain that way. Yes, we make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we’re “awful, entitled, wannabe journalists.” We’re human, but we’re not going to give up. That’s not the “DEN” way.

So, thank you to every person on my staff, especially my editorial board: Kristen Ed, Logan Raschke, Corryn Brock, JJ Bullock (yes, even you JJ), Jordan Boyer and of course Dillan Schorfheide, whom I owe a special thank you.

I also want to say thank you to several people for many reasons, whether it was maintaining patience with me or always being there when I needed interviews or just giving me great advice. People like Mark Hudson, Paul McCann, Tim Zimmer, Josh Norman, a lot of great people in Coleman Hall, even some people in student government, and the list goes on. Thank you to Judy Gorrell for setting up those interviews with President David Glassman, and I suppose I should say thank you to President Glassman and Jay Gatrell, although I want to say something smart because that’s how I always was with them, and, well, they understand it, I know of that.

Thank you to the Faculty Senate and Council on University Planning and Budget for showing me that it is possible to stay awake during meetings, and you’re welcome, by the way, for not sharing some of your jokes with the rest of the campus community even though they were on record.

I’m just kidding, but thank you to those members for the great experience and the many stories.

Thank you to Rob Calhoun and Jeff Owens for letting me get away with turning in my time sheet late and accepting me with open arms when I decided I wanted to try radio. I’m sure I’ll get a text from Rob early Monday telling me to turn in those hours.

Thank you to Tom Roberts for printing our paper and waiting for the pages to be sent … like Sunday night…

Thank you to my grandpa Dan, one of my number one fans, I will forever cherish our friendship.

And finally, thank you to Sally Renaud and Lola Burnham for being two of the best role models for me, for drying my tears and for defending me. Like I said, when I become a billionaire, I will write a big check to the journalism department and student publications. I promise.

So as I pass down the “pica pole” to the next editor, I say goodbye to all of you. Unfortunately, not for long because I still have another year at this school.

Thanks for reading, and please keep on reading.

Analicia Haynes is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].