Lovelytheband performs Thursday night in McAfee


Jordan Boyer

Mitchy Collins, lead singer for Lovelytheband, reaches out to audience members during his performance Thursday night at McAfee Gym.

Coraima Vazquez, Contributing Writer

Lovelytheband lit up an already hot McAfee Gym Thursday night, blaring out indie-pop sounds to please an eager-to-party crowd.

“Eastern rocks, it’s only been three songs and we’re already invited to the after party, I am so loving this school,” said vocalist Mitchy Collins in response to someone shouting out an invite.

This year’s spring concert was held in McAfee Gym to be more cost efficient and to avoid paying an overtime fee at Lantz Arena.

Students that attended and left the concert early complained about the heat inside and how they constantly had to step out for air and water because they were not allowed to bring drinks inside.

“When I heard the spring concert was free I took advantage of the opportunity and got out of my comfort zone for a group I have never heard of before, but I left early because it was just too hot and no drinks available for purchase,” said Josh Price, a senior sociology major.

After only being able to sell between 50 and 100 tickets, the University Board decided to make this year’s concert free, hoping for a bigger turn out.

In the past years at Eastern, spring concerts have been more successful with ticket sales. In 2016 Eastern sold over 2,000 tickets, according to an April 14, 2016 article from The Daily Eastern News, and in 2017 3,000 tickets, according to an April 3, 2017 article from The Daily Eastern News.

Laura Rolfes, senior psychology major, said she enjoyed the concert but noticed a decrease in crowd size from previous years.

“I have attended every spring concert except for last year when Fetty (Wap) came, but even though I haven’t heard much of this group it’s been really fun,” Rolfes said. “It was just different than other years because there was a lot less people.”

For some students the concert was a good experience.

Martha Todd, a freshman psychology and criminology major said it was their first concert and it was the best time she has ever had.

Students jumped up and down, screamed at the top of their lungs, and clapped along to lovelytheband’s performance.

Najah Binbek, a senior psychology major, said the concert was fun and the group put on a good show.

“I was very hot and thirsty, but I am graduating this May so I wanted to show (up),” Binbek said. “Eastern doesn’t always disappoint, even with a tight budget.”

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