EIU-UPI expresses support after New Zealand shooting

Staff Report

The University Professionals of Illinois at Eastern said it wishes to express support for Muslim faculty, staff and students after the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting in a press release.

The press release said EIU-UPI would like to express their support to the Muslim community at Eastern following the “horrendous tragedy.”

“In recent years, the rise in anti-Islam and anti-immigrant rhetoric has created a hostile and stressful environment for Muslims,” the press release said.

The press release also said the union will continue to support the Muslim community at Eastern as the Eastern community as a whole is a diverse one.

“We are an international community at EIU and in Charleston, and we cherish and value the diversity of faith and cultural heritage of all our members,” the press release said. “UPI affirms our support for our Muslim faculty, staff, students and neighbors to lead a peaceful and productive life in our community.”

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